Fine Wire

Here is a selection of the materials that we are able to produce:

Cu - ETPC101CW003AC11000Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper
CuZn10CZ101CW501LC2200090/10 Brass
CuZn20CZ103CW503LC2400080/20 Brass
CuZn30CZ106CW505LC2600070/30 Brass
CuSn5PB102CW451KC5100095/5 Phosphor Bronze
CuSn6PB103CW452Kn/a94/6 Phosphor Bronze
CuSn8PB104CW453KC5210092/8 Phosphor Bronze

Plated Wire

These materials can be plated in the following

NiNickel plated
SnTin plated
AgSilver plated
AuGold plated

If you are unable to see what you are looking for or if you have any questions please contact

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