Music Wire

Musicians know instinctively when their strings are right, it's the sound, it's the feel and it's the look.

But these qualities don't just happen by themselves. Here at the Deben Wire Company Ltd. we take great care in how we prepare our wire for musical instruments. After all, we are musicians ourselves!

First the correct metal alloy is chosen so that the exact chemical composition is known to give the exact specific weight of the material. This enables string designers to optimize the tonal qualities for the instrument during the design process.

As our wire is processed great care is taken to ensure that the surface condition of the wire remains free of defects and retains a uniform colour. Finally the correct condition for the wire is attained so that when in use, our wire will perform as we fully expect it to.

When all of these qualities of wire and string manufacture are added together, music can be made!

Musicians know instinctively when their strings are right.